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November 04, 2008

Sugar High Friday: Spice Up Your Life! Part Two

Hello to everyone - I hope your Halloween was sweet and whetted your appetite for the second part of the SHF round-up. I am very grateful for everyone's patience and indulgence as I sorted through a truly inspiring array of entries. I want to mention again just how blown away I am by all the baking talent out there; I was amazed and humbled by all your creativity and skill. Even as I trying to get all the entries up as fast as I could, I kept being distracted by all these wonderful blogs I was discovering, and wanted to spend my time reading them instead!

So thank you for letting me be your host, and for helping me expand my ever-growing circle of blogs to visit! Without further delay, onward to the second half of the Spices round-up!

Apple tart with crystalized ginger shf
Linda of Make Life Sweeter! baked this beautiful Apple Tart with Crystallized Ginger - I love the plate it's on as well!


Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody used one of my favorite fall fruits in her Pear Nutmeg Bread Pudding.

Automn pie

Ivy of Kopiaste used pumpkin, apples, and quince to make a true Autumn Pie.


Madam Chow of Madam Chow's Kitchen is ready for the holidays with her Eggnog Ice Cream Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce.


Mike of Mike's Table has a classic combination going with his Caramelized Apple and Cinnamon Cream Tart.

Apple Cake

Aimee of Under the High Chair sent in a truly gorgeous Tonka Bean Spiced Apple-Raspberry Cake - I always love seeing tonka beans used!


Esi of Dishing Up Delights came up with a very restaurant-worthy dessert: Pumpkin Shortcakes with Apple Compote and Vanilla Honey Ice Cream.


Vanille of @ Down Under contributed her Spicy Pistachio Candy - love the color and the photo!

Persian Love Cake_to send

Yasmin of Almond and the Hazelnut makes an eyecatching SHF debut with her Persian Love Cake


Amanda of Slow Like Honey sent in a gorgeously assembled and plated Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache.

Chelsea bun

Elodie of Yummyaourt baked some Hackney Chelsea Buns - perfect for a chilly morning.


Veronica of Veronica's Test Kitchen, the macaron goddess, sent in her latest version - Macarons with Saffron-Pear ganache.

Mele Cotte Spiced Pear  

Chris of Melecotte gets warms and cozy with Baked Spiced Pears.


Leah of Wine Imbiber uses of my favorite savory spices in her Chipotle Apple Pecan Cake


Kristin of Figue et Noisette made some really tempting Pear and Apple Compote with Spiced Butter Biscuits.

Lauren of I'll Eat You contributed some Sweet and Spicy Pecan Brittle - brilliant, since I've been experimenting with brittles!


Lisa of dandysugar made a Thyme-Scented Apple Galette - so perfectly simple and delicious.


Vera of Baking Obsession gives an Asian twist to pumpkin with her beautiful 5-Spice Pumpkin and Date Loaf.

Spiced financiers SHF 

Sandra of Le Petrin turns financiers in a fancy dessert with her Spiced Financiers with Poached Spiced Pears.


Paula of Half-Baked Baker baked these truly decadent Autumn Pumpkin Muffins with Pecan Toffee Streusel.


Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater sent in these wonderfully named Spiced Sugar Coins.


Monica of the sour plum baked some yummy-looking Macarons au pain d'épice  - lovely form!


Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook made a Yorkshire Parkin, which I hadn't heard of before, so thank you for introducing me to this!

Laws of the Kitchen

Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen contributed her Spicy Banana Cake, an excellent way to use up ripened bananas.

SHF Pumpkin Creme Brulee 1008

Denise of Chez Us made a really scrumptious Pumpkin Crème Brulee - I just had some at a restaurant last night and now I'm craving more!


Holly of PheMOMenon goes over the top with her Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies.


Mansi of Fun and Food Cafe makes a moist and hearty Chocolate Zucchini Bread.


Jacqueline of Toxo Bread has some Kanelbulle - so exquisitely shaped!

Choc mouse_small 

Anh of Food Lover's Journey amazes again with her absolutely stunning Star Anise Chocolate Mousse.


Judith of Shortcut To Mushrooms made a cozy, tempting Spice Cake.


Celia of English Pastis is making me long for a tropical vacation with her Mango & Cardamom Upside-down Cake.


Mary of Alpineberry is all ready for the holidays with her All-in-One Holiday Bundt Cake.

Pizzelle 250 X 250  

Susan of FoodBlogga sent in these intricately formed, delicate Pizzelles.


Marija of Palachinka created this stunning Strawberry & Poppy Seed Cake.


Kate of A Merrier World gets everyone's spice senses tingling with her Chai Chilli Biscuits.

Apple cake resized

Winnie of Bake From Scratch overachieved with two spectacular-looking desserts: Sticky Spiked Double-Apple Cake w/ Brown Sugar-Brandy Sauce

Quince cake resized

and Spiced-Quince Butter Cake w/ Candied Walnuts.

Pump Choc Chip

Kara of Kara's Kitchen makes me think of Charlie Brown with these Great Pumpkin Cookies.

Spicy Fruit 1

Renato of Sugar Nut gets most creative with these Spicy Fruit Skewers.


Katharine of the Fresh Dish sent in a Plum, Pear, and Cardamon Coffee Cake with Southern Comfort, Saffron, and Ginger Ice Cream - yes it's a mouthful!


Angela of A Spoonful of Sugar makes an adorable presentation with her Spiced Pumpkin Pots de Creme.


Helena of MooseAbout sent in these very cutely named Zesty Date Cookies with Marshmallow Beaks.


Bron of Bron Marshall contributes these delicious Spiced Manuka Oaties, all tied up for giftgiving!

Chocolate gingerbread 250 

Nicisme of Cherrapeno made this wonderfully decadent, luscious Chocolate Gingerbread Cake.


Andrew of Spittoon Extra finishes off SHF with some beautiful candy-colored Vanilla Poached Quinces.

Again, if I've made a mistake with anyone's photo, name, links, let me know and I'll fix it right away. Also if I've forgotten anyone, PLEASE e-mail me. I've gone through my inbox several times and I think I've got everyone who entered, but if I inadvertently left someone out, I will of course rectify that immediately.

Thanks again everyone! It was a fun and memorable experience, and I look forward to seeing more of all of your sweet creations in the future!


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Stunning round up! Thanks so much for hosting, Anita! You did a great job.
Can you point us in the direction of the next SHF?

Nice round-ups, I'm going to have fun visiting all the delicious spicy treats!

Thanks for all your hard work Anita! the roundup looks fabulous!:)

PS: I got to see a glimpse of your book - it looks lovely, and I can't wait to try some cookie recipes from within! COngrats on a great first book girl!:)

Lucky thing I just had lunch, all of these look so yummy! Thank you, Anita, for your hard work in posting all these goodies for us to drool over!

What a wonderful round-up, Anita! There are so many things here that I can't wait to try ... and, like you, I think it's also a lovely opportunity to discover new blogs to visit :-) .

Wow! This round up (both parts) are so fabulous. Just in time for the holiday season...yum! Thanks for hosting!

Oh, you're killing me. Thanks for the roundup!

Thank you for selecting such a wonderful theme, Anita. I don't think there is a spice that hasn't been covered in this round-up, and I for one couldn't be happier!

The entries looks awesome. I ma a great fan of desserts and sweets.

My goodness you've been busy with the round ups! Couldn't help myself - gave you an Excellent award. Come on over to my blog and get it from my 11/5 entry. :)

What an amazing job you've done Anita - I think we all know the time and patience it takes to organise and upload all the photos with links, descriptions and all.

But true to your comment, what an incredible turnout of desserts. I am inspired, to say the least, and have at least 10 desserts I am dying to try out.

They are a creative bunch, this dessert food bloggers...

What great participation you got. I think because spice was a really good versitile pick...good choice Anita.

everything looks so beautiful! i love the Spiced Pumpkin Pots de Creme! so lovely!

You put a lot of work into this. Thanks!! All of the desserts look amazing! I am hungry now!

Oh my gosh, this is better than porn!

Thank you for the gorgeous round-up, Anita!

Good luck on your book! The Field Guide series is a really fun and handy format.

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