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May 09, 2006

Ice Wine Ice Cream with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote


While buying strawberries at the farmer's market, I also picked up vibrant-looking rhubarb, one of strawberry's favorite companions. I had in mind a recipe from Emily Luchetti's A Passion for Desserts(this particular cookbook has been getting quite a workout lately!) - Ice Wine Ice Cream with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote.  The recipe caught my eye because I knew I would be able to also pick up some wine at the excellent Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants in the Ferry Building.

Of course the most popular of ice wines, that ambrosia-like Inniskillin from Ontario, was prominently on display, but I hesitated to use a pricier wine in a recipe I hadn't done before. (Besides, I think I'd rather just drink the Inniskillin whenever I got some!) With the aid of the helpful staff at the store, I settled on a 2004 Kiona Chenin Blanc Red Mountain Ice Wine. Added bonus: Kiona Vineyards is in Washington, which, while not exactly local, is closer than Canada!

The Kiona itself is no slouch as a wine, having picked up numerous accolades and awards. It is marvelously rich and full-textured, with strong honey, apple, and peach notes and a sweet, lingering finish without being cloying. I found the fullness of the wine balanced out the creaminess of the ice cream very well; since this is a Philadelphia-style ice cream recipe, there are no eggs to cook into custard first. The resulting ice cream is less rich but very creamy, and any flavors will stand out quite intensely.

It also is a perfect foil for the tart-tangy compote of strawberries and rhubarb, still slightly warm from the stove. The combination of cold and creamy with sweet and fresh makes a very simple and elegant dessert.


from Emily Luchetti's A Passion for Desserts

Makes 6 servings

Ice Wine Ice Cream

1 cup sugar

4 1/2 cups heavy cream

Pinch of salt

3/4 cup ice wine

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote

10 ounces rhubarb, cut into 1/2 inch pieces

6 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons water

1 pint strawberries, hulled and quartered

Warm the sugar, cream, and salt in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally until bubbles form around the edges or until it reaches about 170 degrees. (Even though traditionally Philadelphia-style ice cream is meant to be uncooked as opposed to the French custard-style, I think heating the cream will result in a smoother ice cream, which is probably what Luchetti is doing here.)

Let the cream mixture cool for a bit and then add the ice wine. Cover the mixture and let chill overnight. Then freeze the mixture in an ice cream machine.

Cook the rhubarb with 5 tablespoons of sugar and the water over medium-low heat, stirring frequently until the rhubarb is soft. Transfer to a bowl and let cool to room temperature. Stir in the strawberries and remaining sugar. Serve the compote alongside the ice cream.


Strawberries - Yerena Farms, Watsonville

Rhubarb - Capay Farms, Capay

Cream - Clover Farms, Marin County

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OMG...that looks so good! :)


My bloglines subscription wasn't registering any of your posts ... I can't believe I've been missing them.

What a lovely recipe and post! I'm always amazed at how versatile rhubarb is!

Sounds delicious Anita. I love ice wine and strawberries and rhubarb. Great job!

i have never ever heard of "ice wine"!!!! i'm intrigued!

yum yum yum!!! Ice wine, had not heard about this before!! Wonder what it is in French ;-)

Thank you! It is very yummy - and really simple to make, too!

Yes, I've had similar problems with bloglines too. I started checking my favorite blogs(like yours)personally just to make sure:) Thanks for checking in!

Thank you very much! It was fun to make and more fun to eat!

Krysten and Bea,
Ice wine is made from grapes that have been left to freeze on the vine - the sugars get concentrated and the result is a super-sweet juice. If you like Rieslings and other sweet wines, you will love ice wine! Of course, it can only be produced where it gets cold enough for vineyards to freeze, so Canada is a major producer of ice wines - not that far from you, Bea!

Looks really good! The sweetness of the ice wine must've gone really well with the tart rhubarb.

Wow, The ice cream with strawberry Rhubarb looks yummmmmmm! anita you have a nice blog with lot's of strawberry recipes....luv to visit again...:)

I thought all the components of the dessert went together quite well.
Your blog is really neat - I'm going to visit again!

Thank you for visiting! I like strawberries, am trying to make the most of them!

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